Things To Always Bring Around You

You will never know when you are going to get a deal.

Yesterday, I had an impromptu meeting with Wong Lye Racking Solutions Pte Ltd. They are a company that undertakes construction projects big or small.

Our meeting was about the boosting of google rankings(SEO).

So after confirming the meeting, I rushed over to their office at Premier @ Kaki Bukit.

While confirming the deal, we had to sign some documents and then it hit me. I didn't bring a Pen along with me!

Because of the nature of my work, I do not own a pen. So while I was discussing the terms with the manager of the company, I kept borrowing his pen.

While we were signing the invoice, the manager asked me to stamp our company's chop on the document. I had to come up with an explanation on why I did not have the chop.

I was so embarrassed throughout the whole discussion.

So today I am sharing with all of you, 3 things to always bring with you:

  • A Nice Pen
  • Your Namecard
  • Your Company Chop

That's all for now! I will keep adding to the list!